Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Tonight was the end of the season party for cheerleading.  I'll admit I probably stressed about it a bit too much.
I had this brilliant idea to have the party right after the last game so that the whole thing can just be done.  And I still don't think it was a bad idea.  What I failed to take in to consideration was a full weekend a few days before.  A band concert the night before.  And kids' appointments the day of the party.
I had some wonderful parents offer to help.  I declined.  When all my thoughts are in the air, I feel like a juggler.  If I let someone catch one of the balls, then I'd drop all the rest.  Although I truly appreciated the offers!!
Well, I must say that I think tonight went pretty good!  Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time.  Some looked bored.  But, I think that would happen at any party, right?  Ok, don't answer me.  That's what I tell myself. :)
Tonight I am thankful that cheer is all closed up for the season!  It's been a great season!  We've done lots of changes this year!  And I think it's gone pretty well!  Tonight I got to thank everyone for being a part of this program, which was wonderful.  Truly, there wouldn't be a program without all the girls and their supportive families!  I got to thank my awesome coaches!  And when I wasn't in front of the crowd, I thanked my family for being so supportive of this craziness!  Now, whew!  I'm going to bed!

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