Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ruined Things

Since having children, I have lessened my desire for "nice" things. I think some stories are in order ..
About 7 years ago I had bought a car.  It was used.  But it had the least miles of anything I had ever driven.  I was excited!  The car was to get Scotch Guarded, but they assured me I should take the car right home with me and bring it back later.  We drove about a half hour to get home .  I pulled in my driveway . . . like I was home . . . moments from getting the kids out of the car . . . and my daughter threw up all over.
Years and years ago I collected Christmas tree ornaments that had all the characters of Rudolph.  It was a neat little collection!  The kids knocked the tree over and broke the ornaments.
Coffee cups, plates, bowls, anything breakable has broken.
It dawned on me early that these things were only things.  The children have never intentionally ruined things.  In the moment, when choosing between a broken coffee cup or an upset child; I pick the upset child.  I give them a hug.  I tell them I know it is just an accident.  And that is why we need to be a bit more careful.
Honestly there isn't anything that they've broken that I miss terribly.  There isn't anything that they haven't stained, tore, dented, or scratched that keeps me up at night.  Things are just things.  But my kids are my kids.
Eh . . almost forgot where I was going with this!  Well, right now there is a box sitting on my floor that was delivered today.  We have an old farm house with a drafty upstairs.  The first year we were here I waited until I found a good sale and I bought heavy thermal curtains for the kids' bedroom windows.  I won't say that the kids exactly hung on the curtains.  But I will say that right now, none of them are still up.
So when a friend told me last weekend about an amazon sale of thermal curtains for cheap, I ordered more up!  These aren't quite as heavy as the ones that we had before.  But I think they'll do the trick!  And the best part is that they were $7 a piece with free shipping!  Besides the mystery of what exactly happened to the old curtains, there was also the knowledge that even on sale, those curtains were not cheap.  Needless to say, I am extra excited about the price of these curtains sitting in the box on my floor!
Tonight I am thankful for a good deal.  Things will come and things will go.  Seriously, I'd rather pay less because I know that at some point, the things will go!  Or be pulled down.  Or hit with a ball that shouldn't be thrown in the house.  Or catch a falling child as they grab for anything when they fall.  Or magically crumple to the floor (the kids seem to think this is a reasonable explanation).   Things are just things . . . so I like when they are cheap :)

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