Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tears at The Store

The boys and I had a mission this afternoon.  They have a sister with a birthday tomorrow!  My older boy pleaded to be taken shopping so that he could buy her a gift.
We went to Dollar General, where things are a bit more in the boys' price range.  While my older boy was taking great care in finding something that his sister would like, my younger boy was watching.  This is so awesome because my younger boy is still learning quite a bit about money management.  He is a spender.  He has his allowance planned out for the next five years on what he wants to buy.
Today he got caught up in the fun of giving.  He wanted to use the money in his "Save" envelope to buy a birthday present for his sister.  At first I said no.  The boy has no concept of saving, and we are working on that.  But after him asking me multiple times, I gave in.
He knew exactly how much was in his "Save" envelope and he went around looking at the prices of each item.  He brought me item and after item to see what I thought and if his sister would like it.
Finally both boys had the items they wanted to buy.  And I have to say, they both did really good!  They know their sister well :)
When we got to the checkout, I let the boy who brought his money with him go first.  The cashier could tell he was buying a gift for someone else, so she asked him about it.  He told her that the things were for his sister as he pulled his money from his pocket.  The cashier commented how sweet that was that he was getting her gifts with his own money!
Then my younger boy showed the cashier what he picked for his sister also.  He said his money was at home, but he was spending his money too.  The cashier was touched by the warmth of both of my boys.
Now I was already very proud of them.  But watching the cashier's reaction to my boys made my eyes tear up.  Yes, there I was, moved to tears in the check-out line at Dollar General!
Tonight I am thankful that my boys are such caring and generous individuals.  I am thankful that they love each other and their sisters very much.  And I am thankful that while we are working so hard to change our spending and money habits; they are watching.  They are learning budgeting.  But beyond that, they are still seeing the lesson that generosity and caring for others, should never get lost in a budget.

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