Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Temperamental, But Fairly Intelligent

Camp-themed blog week continues!
I am an irritable, moody mess.  I need my baby back.  In the past two days, I have had no patience at all with people.  My job, as an appraiser, includes being called, occasionally badgered, by upset people who don't fully understand how my job works.  I don't have to take their calls, really I don't.  The homeowner or borrower is almost never my client.  The bank or middle man who hired me is my client, and I answer to them.  BUT, I remember how I felt before getting in to this profession, when I did not have my calls returned.  At that time I just had some questions on the process.  I wasn't looking to berate anyone.  But no one would call me back.
With that memory always in my mind, I do try to talk to people to explain methodologies, etc.  This week though . . . Monday and Tuesday I had two separate people blowing up my phone just to argue with me.  I had no intention of calling either one back just from the voicemails they left.  But I figured both days that they were going to continue to harass my phone if I did not talk to them.  Monday's man, after calling me 6 times in a 4 hour period, leaving a voicemail twice, and stating that I did my job wrong, very apologetically got off the phone in record time after I interrupted him and said what was on my mind.  Tuesday's woman, who called me 6 times also and left 1 message in a 5 hour period, was not available when I called her back.  I left a message for her and haven't heard from her since.  Yep . . . I was extremely direct, with a touch of rude-don't-mess-with-me flare.
Today, I sent everyone to voicemail.  I figured it's just better if I don't talk to anyone today.  I miss my girl and I want her back and I can't be trusted to interact with unpolite people at the moment.
But, on that note, I am so thankful for the other parents up at camp. I got an update this morning that made my whole morning.  And I got sent a video of my girl doing the giant swing at camp this evening!
Tonight I am thankful that my baby will be home in two more days!  I am thankful that she is having fun!  And I am thankful that I have a job where I can hide from people when I know that if I open up my mouth, somehow, a temperamental, but fairly intelligent woman comes out making people run away with their tail between their legs . . . not good for business to let this woman talk!!

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