Monday, October 31, 2016

The Natural Way

Ah, first of all it feels good to be back at my desk typing!  The last two nights, I've had no internet in the house!  So I've been on my phone service.
Ok, but tonight's blog isn't about my internet being out . . . although I am very thankful that it is back!  Tonight I want to talk about some awesome things I've experienced lately.
In blogs of the past, especially 3-4 years ago I had written about my trial and error of sinus relief products.  After finding apple cider vinegar capsules (because drinking it is horrible), I have been doing a lot better.  So my sinuses have been manageable, but still problematic at times.  During the problematic times I would take sinus medicine and lots of apple cider vinegar.
A few months ago I started taking black elderberry capsules and olive leaf capsules.  I would advise you to do your own research to see if they are right for you.  But, let me tell you . . they are doing awesome with me!!!  I am very, very, very, incredibly happy with how things have been in my face lately!
My other recent discovery is not proven over months yet.  I follow a few different sites regarding hypothyroidism.  And I check regularly on the ones that try to deal with it naturally.  I read an article where this woman made an essential oil blend and applied topically over her thyroid.  Well, it made sense to me, especially after seeing what these oils can do topically with a vast array of other things.  She published her blend recipe, but it was a lot of oils that I do not have.  So I just ordered her blend.  Last week was my first full week with these oils.  I noticed a few subtle differences . . and one HUGE difference.
The huge difference was the one that I haven't seen with anything else yet.  Last week I did not get enough sleep.  I did eat fairly well and very conservative portions.  I did exercise a few times during the week.  And I was quite exceptionally pleased to step on the scale over the weekend and see that I actually lost more weight!  Since developing problems with my thyroid, losing weight has been almost ridiculously difficult.  I can live the ideal picture of health and gain five pounds . . it's been ridiculous.  So I was beyond joyed when I saw what happened last week!!
I will state though, that the oils are not a replacement for iodine supplements.  I actually thought that maybe they were doing more than the iodine . . and I've had some flare ups of other thyroid issues.  But if the oils help a little and the iodine helps a little (and I start sleeping like a sane person) I just might be able to get back to health here!!!!  The possibility is very exciting!!!
Tonight I am thankful for natural methods to be healthy.  It's good to feel better than before!  It's especially good to do so in a natural and healthy way!

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