Thursday, October 13, 2016


My girl is coming home tomorrow! My girl is coming home tomorrow!
Day 4 of my girl being at camp:
I was less mean today . . that's an improvement.
A very sweet mom who is in the cabin with my girl sent me pictures today and gave me updates on her :)  That made my day!  I even got to tell her "Hi" via messenger :)
I had a plan to clean out her room and move things around a bit while she's been away.  But I have been so slammed with work that I haven't been able to.  The hubster and my boys all worked hard on it yesterday to surprise her!  :)
Tonight I am thankful that my girl is coming home tomorrow!!  I am thankful for the hard work put in to surprise her with her room!  And I am thankful that she is coming home tomorrow!!!  :)

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