Saturday, October 29, 2016

Up Early

This morning, 7:45 am, I woke up my remaining sleeping kids.  Two kids were already awake.  I had big plans for them today.
We've been running around every weekend for months.  And today was our day.  Today we started to get the house back under control!!
My sleepy kids were a bit indignant at being woken up early on a Saturday.  I told them they had fifteen minutes to eat breakfast.  At 8 o' clock, we were getting to work!  I had been doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen for the past hour - which I informed the children of.  They had no reason to whine at me, since I had already been hard at work!
I have noticed before that the kids work better (most of the time) when we work together as a team.  We started cleaning, then I decided we should rearrange some furniture.  So we did that also.  We moved the finches and the bunny pen.  And we started peeling some wallpaper in another room to be painted!  The kids had a blast with that!
At the end of the day today, we still have more to do tomorrow.  But we got a lot done today!
Tonight I am thankful for some hard work today by my kiddos.  They didn't even get too whiny!  For their hard work, they finally got to put out the Halloween decorations!  I had told them before, they had to have the house cleaned before decorations came out.  Today was good enough!

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