Sunday, October 9, 2016

Warm as Toast!

When I was a kid we lived in an old farm house that had no heat in the upstairs.  The walls were not well insulated at all.  And I have never been an exceptionally warm person.  I will never forget my first electric blanket!  That thing was one of my most favorite things ever!
I'm not sure what happened to that electric blanket.  And honestly, I didn't think about it at all for many years.
In the last year or more, with a cranky thyroid, I have experienced a whole new level of being cold.  There have been times when I have been horribly cold and unable to warm up.  The worst was from me out in like 40 degree weather without a warm enough jacket.  I came home and was shaking, chilled to the bone.  I sat in front of a heater with a warm jacket and two blankets on for over fifteen minutes and still couldn't warm up.
I have gotten an electric blanket in the throw blanket size.  And that is nice.  But I've dreamed of a nice, warm, electric blanket to sleep with at night again.  I asked for one for Christmas last year and the hubster tried . . but he got another throw size.
Imagine my happiness and surprise around the end of July when I found one, real sized, electric blanket on clearance for less than half price!  Well the soft, fluffy thing has been sitting there just waiting for me.  And last night, it got it's chance!
I slept wonderfully!!  I woke up so warm and well rested!  I had a very hard time leaving my bed!
Tonight I am thankful for my electric blanket!  I can't wait to crawl in to bed tonight and be nice, warm, and toasty!!

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