Sunday, November 6, 2016


With our four kids, we decided from the beginning that they would only have big birthday parties at certain ages.  Well, we recently had a big 10 year old birthday!
Today was the party!!  This would be our family's second party at the local movie theater.  They are so awesome!  They are priced well.  And hey, it's a movie theater!  There is room for everyone!
I love the ease of it all on my part as well.  I show up and bring cupcakes.  Boom . . done!  Perfect!
My proudest part of all this was my birthday girl's decision to have donations to the animal shelter brought instead of presents.  We were going to take the donations in tomorrow . . . then I checked the website and they are closed tomorrow.  Tuesday though, Tuesday we will be there!  My birthday girl can't wait to take everything in!  And play with the kitties of course :)
Tonight I am thankful for another wonderful birthday party!  I am thankful for a birthday girl who had a wonderful time!  And I am thankful for the great generosity that the birthday girl gets to pass on to help out some fluffy animals as they wait to find their forever homes!

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