Thursday, November 10, 2016

Better Than Anticipated

After 11 years driving back and forth to a dentist office at least 50 minutes away (in good traffic), we finally decided to transfer to a place closer.
I looked in to several different offices.  I made a few phone calls.  And I finally decided just to bring the kids to my dentist with me.  Today was the day!  I think I was more nervous than the kids were!
They were excited to see the new place.  They were excited to meet the new people.  But I wondered if the excitement would wear off once we were there.
It couldn't have went better!  The kids weren't even nervous at all.  They even had a good time there!
The best part was walking out and hearing from the kids how great the dentist office.  I was asked why I didn't take them there sooner!  It was everything.  They liked the facilities better.  They said the hygienist were more gentle.  And yes, they greatly appreciated the much shorter drive!  I was so relieved!!
Tonight I am thankful that our first visit to the new dentist office went better than I dreamed of!  Hooray!!

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