Thursday, November 3, 2016


I'll bet you were expecting me to drive all the way back from Grand Rapids in the rain, and tell you about what a wonderful time I had tonight, aren't you? ;)
Well you are half right.  I had a wonderful time tonight!  But I am pretty darn tired right now and can't tell you yet about all the wonderful things I heard tonight.  It's going to take a few good days to process it all.
For tonight I am going to share one thing - choices.  Dave told a story tonight, that I think he's shared in his books before.  I'm pretty sure I've heard the story before.  It goes like this - he was talking to an employee who was doing their task wrong.  Dave showed him how to do it the right way.  The guy told Dave, well, I was doing it this way.  So Dave told him again, that is wrong - do it this way.  And the guy told Dave, I'm not like you, I can't do it that way.  And Dave told him - Change.  It can be that simple.
We have a tendency to over-complicate life.  If there is something that is in your life that you don't like, Change.  Choose to Change!  Change the circumstance if you can.  Change the way you are handling it.  Change your perspective.  Whatever it is that needs to change, Change it.
Change starts small.  It starts with a decision to start.  Then change is made up of a million other decisions not to give up.
Change can be hard.  Life can be hard.  And life can be a whole lot harder to stay stuck in a situation that you don't like!
Tonight I am thankful for getting the opportunity to see Dave Ramsey in person!  I am thankful for my dear Mommy who wanted to come and see him with me!  And I am thankful to add more fuel to my fire to make this life one that I dream of!  Good Night All!

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