Thursday, November 3, 2016


I had such profound thoughts for this blog tonight.  I've been replaying things from last night in my mind.  I've been processing so much good stuff and thinking on what I am most thankful for.
But guess what?  I am that state of exhaustion where I am not even picking my feet up all day long.  My eyelids have not fully opened today.  And at this point, my most coherent thought seems to be about how to sneak in to my bed and sleep thru the noise that is my busy house.
In the future, I do promise to share some inspiring things that I learned at the Dave Ramsey Smart Money Tour that I was so fortunate to attend last night!
For tonight though, I am thankful that I am going to go to bed right now . . . at 6pm.  And I have high hopes of being a fully functioning person tomorrow . . because I certainly was not today!  I hope everyone has some wonderful sleep tonight!

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