Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I've been a little short on patience lately.  Having a fever for a couple days in a row and keeping up with work has taken everything that I have.
Unfortunately, my world needs more that what I've had to give lately.  I don't think it's all me though.  I think my kids really have been crabby with each other too.  Today I had enough.
My boys were just at each other . ..  again.  I banned them to their room, to stay.  They are allowed to come out to use the bathroom, go to school, and eat.  Other than that they are to stay there.  I told them that they can come out when the room is spotless and when they can get alone with each other.
Dinner was a little better.  Then, when they were done eating, they were back at each other . . grrr.
Tonight I am thankful that this experiment will work.  I have faith.  It has to work!!  We have had so many talks on how to get along with each other.  I think it's time for mom to step out of the picture a little bit and have them figure this out.  Here's to hoping no one ends up getting stitches . . . my first sneaky trip up the stairs had them jumping on the mattresses in their mess of a room.  This could get messy . . . but, I am thankful for standing strong here!  They will get this!!  I know they can!!

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