Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I was going to write about Thanksgiving tonight.  That was my intention!
But, I've changed my plan.
This has me very excited!
You might not care too much.
And you might get tired of hearing about it.
BUT, guess what?!?!?  Yesterday I did a half hour of Zumba.  I had left my knee brace in the hubby's van.  So I went brace-less.  For those who don't know, there is a lot of twisting at the knee and bending of the knee in Zumba.  I was completely prepared to have a swollen, achy knee today.
But, it didn't happen!!!!  My knee was sore yesterday.  But I don't have the horrible day-after-exercising-swelling!  This is such a HUGE milestone for me!!!!  I am so excited!!!  I see "normal" for my knee just around the bend here!!  I'm finally getting there!!!!!!
Tonight I am thankful for my knee acting like a healthy knee!!!!  :) :)  That is truly something to be thankful for!!!

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