Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One More Night

This morning I had this great idea for tonight's blog.  I even have a draft saved.  But after the beautiful day today, I've changed my mind!
Last night we were trick or treating.  I was wearing two long sleeved shirts and a thick, flannel lined jacket with a winter hat and gloves.  Tonight I went running at the track with my son in a tank top.
Quite fortunately I had a day of driving and appointments today.  It was so beautiful out!  I had the window down.  I soaked in all the sunshine!
My morning appointments went quick, which had me ahead of schedule!  I took advantage of the little extra time and stopped at one of my favorite lakes to soak in the absolute majesty of the day.
Tonight I am thankful for an absolutely gorgeous day!  I am thankful for an afternoon break by the lake.  And I am thankful for a warm November night at the track with my son.

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