Sunday, November 13, 2016


They are doing some reorganizing at the hubster's work.  So he worked both days this weekend.  I worked yesterday and today as well.
In a few minutes of down time, I decided to crack open a book that I've been waiting to read: The Millionaire Next Door.  I only made it a few pages in, when I had to put the book down and get moving on other things.
In a few minutes later when I was waiting for a file to move, I clicked over to facebook and saw a video of a family that is now completely debt free.  They talked about how rough it was work so hard for so long.  But now they are in their 30's, raising a family, in a paid off house with no debts at all.
I can close my eyes and see us in the future.  I can see us living in a paid off house.  I can see our lives being free.  I can see our thoughts shifting, as our lives change!
And these are the thoughts that keep me going.  These are the thoughts that keep me pushing on when I just want to go lay in my bed and sleep for days.
Tonight I am thankful for the little inspirations that come up at just the right time to keep us motivated and moving forward.  I keep the picture in my mind of where we are headed, but the road gets long.  It's great to see the others who have made it down the same road and are enjoying life!!  That's where we're going!

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