Monday, November 7, 2016


I'm not very political.  I don't care to debate endlessly with people on politics.  I don't care to speak politically correct.
I research to be informed.  I will vote tomorrow based on the facts that I have found and the opinions that I have formed.
I change the radio channel when the political ads are on.  I don't read the Facebook political debates.  I won't tell you who I'm voting for.  It's really none of your business anyway, sorry.  And I really don't care who you are voting for.  My world is fairly void of political drama and I wish to keep it this way.
In my world the more important things come down the stairs in the morning and say "Good Morning Mom!"  We debate cupcakes for breakfast and who gets what chore for the week.  These are the debates that I engage in.
My votes tomorrow will be for the candidates that I feel are the most suited to do their jobs for the world today and the future world for my kids.
My kids' own world is a good one.  Last night my older daughter made lunch for her younger brother to take to school today.  She said it was so he wouldn't be running late, as he tends to do.  But he was so touched by her care this morning, that he made her a lunch to take!  He packed her a good lunch and some extra treats in a brown paper bag with her name on the bag, just like she did for him.  I remember lunch as an eighth grader . . but she graciously took the lunch from her brother and thanked him :)
No matter who wins what positions tomorrow, I am thankful that what is in our hearts will always be more important that who is in an office.  I've seen so much hate this election time.  I'm ready for that to be over.  Let's instead be thankful for the right to vote and for the good in our lives already.

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