Monday, November 14, 2016

Reformed Frugal Shopper

It is no secret that I am frugal, thrifty, a deal chaser even.  Over the years this has been a blessing for our household of 6.  I've also realized that it's been a bit of a curse also.
I'll be out shopping and I'll see something on an awesome clearance and I buy it because we'll need it some day.  Then I forget where I put it and when "some day" comes, I can't find it and go buy another one.  Yep . . . not good.
Christmas shopping is a delightful game of "where can I find the best deals?"  I have made spreadsheets the last couple years to tally how much money I've saved buying things on clearance throughout the year and on deep discounts closer to Christmas.  I have put up some pretty impressive savings!  I've also over-spent in the name of buying deals.  I've bought things that didn't get too much attention when I've bought them because they were cheap and not necessarily because they were what someone really wanted.
Overall I think my thrifty shopping has saved us more than hurt us.  But, in my ongoing attempts to de-clutter and minimize our household, the truth of my over-thrift shopping has been staring me in the face.
As we close in on the holiday shopping season, I have a new plan.  I am still looking for the best deals out there, of course!  But, I am putting a mandatory waiting period in place!!  So far I have already purchased a few items.  But, more impressively for myself, I have not purchased a lot of items also.  I had a few things in my online basket and let it sit there.  When I clicked back, I deleted the whole browser.  I've had a few things in my real shopping cart in a store and put them back after I walked around a bit.
Tonight I am thankful for a new perspective with our holiday shopping!  I have my fully funded Christmas account ready to go.  I have my mandatory waiting period to ensure I am spending my money wisely.  And I have my keen frugal shopping expertise to make the whole thing work swimmingly!  Game On!! :)

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