Saturday, November 19, 2016


Quite awhile ago someone broke my exercise bike in the basement.  There is someone living in this house named "I don't know".
"I don't know" is a horrible person.  He or she breaks things, leaves dishes out, eats the last cupcake, borrows my clothes on occasion, and basically has no redeeming qualities.  "I don't know" never does the dishes, the laundry, cooks dinner, or cleans anything.  Hmph!
Anyway, I was a little apprehensive to try and fix the bike.  I've never worked on an exercise bike before, not that i expected a huge degree of difficulty.  But I really didn't want to mess up the tension thingy.
The other night I decided it was time.  Armed with my screwdriver and a lack of caring if I ended up with a pile of bike rubble, and I headed off to tackle the bike!  I am happy to report that the time it took me to get the cover off the mechanics off the bike was twice the time it took me to actually fix it!  Yay!
This morning I went down for my first ride.  And my knee said "What are you doing?!?"  This picky, picky knee.  Apparently the bike does something that running, Zumba (limited), and an elliptical don't do.  So, the bike is back in my regiment to keep a happy, healthy knee.
Tonight I am thankful for being able to fix the bike without a huge deal!  And I'm thankful that I have this bike riding back in to my routine.  I will win against this knee!!!  Even if it is still a day or two of rest for every day with a really good effort.  I will win!!!  I still get to do that day of good effort!  That's more than I could do months ago!

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