Friday, November 18, 2016

Strange but true

Ok, you wonderful people may think that today's blog is silly.  But, it is very truthful!
Yesterday I had an appointment cancel and I got home early.  I've had a project of an additional fence for the animals on my to-do list for awhile.  I thought with the nice weather that I would go get the fence posts in to the ground.  But, I had to do them quickly so I was at the school on time for the kids.
Away I went, boom, boom, boom.  I was feeling pretty confident until I hit the posts where an old drive used to be.  Those gravel pieces buried under the grass put up quite a fight.  I kept on though!
All the posts were in and I was on my way to get the kids on time!!  I found three blisters on my hands.  I wasn't super shocked.
But one blister was on the underside of my right pointer finger.  I type a LOT every day.  And that stupid blister made it darn near impossible to type last night without wanting to cry.  I had some work I was going to stay up and do, but I just couldn't do it last night.  I was getting worried about today!
Thankfully, and totally what I am thankful for today, I woke up and the blister on my finger has shrunk almost all the way away!!  So yes, tonight I am thankful for a shrinking blister on my right hand, pointer finger.  And quite honestly, I never dreamed that this would be a blog topic one day :)

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