Sunday, November 27, 2016

The White Stuff

I've had a problem for a long time.  The earliest I remember was my early teenage years.  At first it was just during winter time, my scalp would get so dry.  Those horrible white flakes would come.  I used to coat my head in lotion at night, hoping it would heal enough to get me thru the next day.
Summer used to be better.  So it had to just be dry skin, right?  I tried dandruff shampoos and conditioner - horrible.  They burned my skin and made everything worse.  There was just nothing I could do.
Recent years have been getting worse it seems.  Over two years ago I stopped using commercial shampoos and conditioners all together.  I would sometimes use a baking soda and water mix for shampoo - not too often though.  It worked good for awhile, then made things worse.  I read that it has to do with pH or acid level or something like that.  It's been awhile since I've read it.  So I would sometimes use a natural baby shampoo.
Using apple cider vinegar and water mixed for conditioner has been good.  It seems to do the best.  But again, summer is better and winter is worse.  Sometimes I put Lavender on my scalp and that helps too.  But, it can also make my hair look oily.
This last time, when I ran out of apple cider vinegar and hadn't made it to the store, I went online and did some more searching.  There had to be something else out there to help me.
I will clarify that I have never went to see a doctor over this.  It just didn't really seem to warrant a doctor visit, then a referral to a specialist, trips and time and just Bleh!  It would be so much put in to something that really is just an irritation in life and lot a huge problem.
Ok, so I was online searching and reading.  Then I found this product called Renpure Cleansing Conditioner with Rosemary and Mint.  I was reading the reviews and one of them mentioned Seborrheic Dermatitis.  It is a form of eczema.  It has flare-ups.  It is better in the summer generally, due to the vitamin D from the sun.  And worse in the winter, due to the lack of sunshine.  I read the 4 paragraphs of reviews that this lady wrote and it sounded like she was writing about my head!!!!
I was so excited to try it!  I zoomed off to Target, where it was said to be located at.  They didn't have any.  They did have other kinds of shampoos and conditioners made by Renpure that all state to not use some of the harsher chemicals in commercial shampoos and conditioners.  I bought some to try off the shelf.  And I went home and bought the Cleansing Conditioner from eBay (from amazon it is an Amazon Pantry item only).
The first week with the Renpure shampoo and conditioner that I had bought was already better.  There was still some irritation, but not near as much.  Then the cleansing conditioner came in the mail.  I LOVE IT!!!!  It works different than shampoos and conditioners.  The directions are different.  But my scalp is loving it!  And my hair likes it too :)
My scalp isn't perfect yet.  But it sure is way better than it has ever been!  I've been using this cleansing conditioner for maybe two weeks now, if that long.  So I can't wait to see my head a few months from now!
Tonight I am thankful for finding something that is working nice with my scalp!  I am thankful for a healing head!  And maybe, just maybe, being able to wear a black shirt without being paranoid this winter!!!

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