Thursday, November 17, 2016


Ever wonder what happens to the baby animals in a petting zoo?
I've wondered from time to time.  I guess I just figured that they went back home to a big farm to live out the rest of their adult lives.  Hopefully that is the case for most of them.
Tonight we bought one of the baby animals that had grown bigger.  He is the nicest goat!  He was a little confused and upset when we pulled out of his driveway.  But the more we drove, the more relaxed he got.  All the kids went with me to pick him up.  And he loved all the attention on the way home!
Back home, he went in with the sheep.  Our existing goats aren't very friendly with the sheep.  But this goat was perfect since he had grown up around a mix of other animals and people! 
I wish I would have had a camera rolling!  My scaredy sheep jumped and scared the goat.  Then the goat jumped since the sheep scared him.  Then the sheep was scared because the goat jumped.  The goat ran in to the barn and the sheep ran in to the fence.  It was hilarious!!  
Thankfully, they forgave each other quickly and seemed to be getting along good.  It was getting dark pretty quick.  So I'll watch them more tomorrow.
Tonight I am thankful for the newest addition to our little farm!  I think he is the perfect fit so far!!

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