Monday, November 21, 2016


Do you ever make a decision for the greater good of the household and have it come back and bite you in the behind?
Well . . . that's me now.
I did a blog awhile back about my uncomfortable living room furniture from the 70's (or maybe 60's).  I loved that it was uncomfortable!  That meant my family of couch-potato inclined people would not want to sit in the living room all day!  Plus the wonderful, wood frame would be very hard for my monkeys to break!  Even now, I do still absolutely love my uncomfortable, retro furniture!!
Tonight though . . . *sigh* tonight I'm going to sleep on it.  The hubster woke up sick this morning.  I do not want the flu this close to Thanksgiving, so I'm not going any where the germ infected man!  This morning I wasn't feeling the best myself.  But I've been Thieve oiling myself all day and I'm doing pretty well!  So I must hide from the germs!
Tonight I am thankful for my uncomfortable, retro furniture.  I really do love it.  I just won't love it tonight.  Or maybe I will, I used to sleep rather well on a firm mattress.  I guess I'll find out tonight.
P.S. I've been saving this picture for just the right time, when my rather pissed-off look would come in handy :)  Tonight works great!

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