Tuesday, December 27, 2016


This Christmas we added another cell phone to our family.  *sigh*
It was time.  But, really, I'd be ok if the kids didn't have cell phones at all.
I've been looking at charging stations designed for multiple devices for just a little bit.  And I've been pretty shocked by the prices on the things.  I want something that I won't have to replace once all the kids have cell phones and possibly have tablets, etc.  For what I'm looking at, prices are all above $60.  The majority of them, that have the speed and features I want, are a bit above that.
Last week I ordered a USB 10-port fast charger from amazon - $27.99.  Today I bought a dish drainer at Walmart for $7.87.  -
BAM!  I now have a charging system for up to 10 devices, all divided and organized in their stations for a total of $35.86.  I don't need a set up for 10 devices yet, so I could have went a bit cheaper.  But, I'm looking down the next few years here.
Tonight I am thankful for a nice, organized charging station for all present and future household devices at a discount from online prices!

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