Sunday, December 25, 2016


I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas!
My kiddos continued their tradition that they started last year.  They like to wake up at crazy hours on Christmas morning.  But we set a time that they are actually allowed to come downstairs.  Last year they set up a little fake tree upstairs in the boys' room and they put their gifts to each other there.  They they could wake up early and open presents to play with.  That was a brilliant idea of theirs!  And it worked well again this year.
7:02 am there were kids at my door.  They had been up for awhile and they were ready to go!  The hubster and I stumbled out to the living room and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas morning!!
I have found out that a person recovering from all the crap I've had going on should not over-do things.  But, I had overdone things for the past couple days.  So I ended up having to come back to bed.  I've spent a good part of Christmas day laying down today.  But, it was worth it!
The kiddos all had a good Christmas :)  Now I'm back in bed and I'm listening to my family watching Christmas movies and playing with their gifts in the living room.  My heart is full even if my body is weak.
Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful Christmas with my family!  The house is a mess and everyone has had too much sugar; but it has been a great day!

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