Thursday, December 8, 2016


I have made it well known on here that I am a thrifty shopper.  I will admit here and now though . . . I overpay for something twice every month.
See, shortly after we moved in to this house the Schwan's man stopped by.  We chatted for awhile and he left his catalog.  I ordered a few things and they were good.  I wasn't planning at that time on continuing to purchase items.  But, here's the thing . . the guy is so nice.  He's nice to the kids. He's nice to the dogs.  He's nice to my herd of kitties.  He's just one of those really nice, personable people.
So here it is, years later and we keep buying things.  I budget for it.  What we buy from him comes out of the grocery budget.  And we really don't buy a lot.  There are a few items that I get regularly.   When things go on sale, I try new things.  And the last time he was here, I decided to try something new.
We made it tonight.  And the directions may not have been followed to the letter.  I was in my office working and could smell the burning food!  I think the toaster oven time may have been mistaken for the microwave oven time.  Ah well.
Tonight I am thankful for back-up dinner options kept in our freezer!  I don't know yet if the lasagna roll-ups from the Schwan's man are good or not.  And we probably won't find out until they go back on sale.  In the meantime, I am also thankful for our friendly, neighborhood Schwan's delivery man.  I could get some of the things cheaper at Meijer's or Aldi's.  But, they do have fantastic ice cream and French Baguette Bread!!  And the dogs look forward to the treats he brings them every two weeks!

Disclaimer - Lest there be any confusion here, this is not a love letter about the Schwan's man.  This was simply explaining why I still overpay for food.  The man tried to find my husband a job when he was job hunting.  The man still asks about my mother, who he met once several years ago when she was here while he was making a delivery.  My husband and I both feel that the man is just too nice to tell him to go away.  In life, you don't hurt bunnies, you don't slap your grandma, and you don't tell a super nice, caring person to go away when your business helps support his family.

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