Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Eyeballs (To Be Continued in January)

Maybe a month ago or so, my eyes decided that they didn't like my contacts too much.  This was not ok with me.  I do not like my glasses.
A little history - I got glasses in 4th grade.  I was in love with pink then - dusty rose to be exact.  And I got plastic frames in this color.  By the end of 5th grade I still liked pink, but hated that my glasses were that color.  I hated wearing them.  I just hated them!  So I stopped wearing them.  I liked to my mom and said that I could see better.  
For a whole year, no one was the wiser.  I got to be an excellent note taker at school.  I couldn't see the board, but teachers say everything that they write on the board.  All I had to do was pay attention and take good notes, and it didn't matter that I couldn't see.  7th grade, I wanted to play basketball.  I didn't realize a sports physical would test my eye sight.  I was busted.  I cried when I apologized to my mom for lying.  I just hated the glasses so much!  She got me contacts.  
Twenty six years of contacts when I leave the house and glasses just at home.  And it was all coming to an end.  My eyes just couldn't stand the contacts.  My eyes have been so tired.  I put contacts in the morning and it feels like I've had them in for two days.  
Well, that was it.  I still hate my glasses.  I am not going to wear them every day for the rest of my life!  So I got online and looked up Lasik Surgery in Lansing.
Here's what I've learned; There are franchises of Lasik surgery centers.  So when I did an internet search with the word Lasik, all the franchises came up.  This incorrectly led me to believe that there were no Lasik places near me.  Last Tuesday I drove a little over an hour away and had an appointment at a Lasik franchise place.
A few things there didn't sit right with me.  The biggest was that a technician did the eye exam.  Then she dilated my eyes.  After my eyes  were starting to dilate, the doctor did his own exam and wrote down numbers.  I am smart enough to know that my eyes dilated are not the same as my eyes undilated.  Geesh!
I came home and did some more research online.  There were several complaints against the Lasik franchises online.  So I started asking around.  It turns out that a LOT of people that I know have had Lasik done.  And some had it done right here in Lansing.  The place that I called is an actual doctor's office.  I called them with the attitude of "change my mind".  I wasn't wanting to go to Grand Rapids anymore at that point and needed good reason.  And they gave it to me.
They are much more thorough and more concerned about me as a patient.  I went in today for a consultation.  They wanted me to be in my glasses, no contacts, for two weeks before coming in for a consultation.  Since I called them last week, that wasn't possible.  The receptionist told me that was ok, that they would just do some re-measurements before surgery.  When I saw the doctor today, he said no way.  They did a couple tests, but I'm going back in next week.  Contacts can change the shape of your eye and they want to make sure they get the most accurate measurements of my eye.  The Lasik franchise place was not even concerned about that in the least.
So I'll go back next week for the rest of my consultation.  And I'll be having Lasik surgery on January 3rd!  What a great way to start the new year!!
The funny thing about all this is that I'm pretty sure my contact intolerance goes hand in hand with this extremely tired pneumonia-caused stuff.  So if something good comes from pneumonia, it will be me finally overcoming my laser fear and making the decision to have this done.  Now that I am moving in this direction, I am SO excited!  I wish I could do it tomorrow!
Tonight I am thankful for the decision to get this done.  I am thankful for the reassurance of friends and family who shared their stories!  And I am thankful for feeling confident in the doctor and facility that I am trusting with my vision!  It's a pretty important thing!

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