Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fairy Godmother

I think I may have a fairy godmother :)  Ok, not with all the magical powers . .  or at least that I know of.
Over a year ago I was given my aunt's shoe collection.  And it is quite the collection!  There have been purses, clothes, some jewelry.  It has been amazing!  Today I received her bigger purse collection.  I am blown away!  I felt this way with the shoes too.  I am searching for words to describe this . .  humbled, amazed, and very grateful!
I have always had enough of things in my life.  There have been different times where life got rough and quite hard - but I have never had to go without the essentials in life.  I am very blessed.
I've never really been spoiled with material things.  And that has been ok.  Things are just things.  There has never been "things" in life that I've needed to survive that I haven't had.
I'll tell you though, thanks to my fairy godmother I'm feeling so very spoiled!!!  There are so many wonderful things!  I am feeling so thankful and so blessed!  Wow . . . I'm still in a state of Wow.
Tonight I am thankful for my aunt.  I've always loved her just as she is!!  She has always been a person in my life that is there with love and a smile!  And tonight she is making me feel so very blessed and spoiled!  Thank you!!

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