Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I was at my eye appointment today, discussing payment for the Lasik procedure.  They hand out Care Credit applications right with the other paperwork when you first walk in to the entrance there.  I told them that I wouldn't be filling that out.
When I went back and was talking with a lady, she said something else about Care Credit.  I told her, we have just finished paying off all our debt (except for the house) and there was no way we would go in debt for this surgery. We would be paying in cash.
First of all, that is just an absolutely wonderful feeling.
As I was driving home, I thought I should write about how wonderful a moment that was!  Then my thoughts went farther.  So here I've been talking about our journey to become debt free for some time on here.  I've written about Dave Ramsey and his books (p.s. I just ordered Financial Peace Jr on their 10 Days of Christmas sale for the kids 68% off)!
You all have been so wonderful bearing with me and reading my updates!  So, I am going to give a Christmas present to you!  The first 5 people who message me (and I'll check the messages in the morning because I'm tired and going to bed), will receive a copy of Dave's book Financial Peace!  It is the Christmas season and the time for giving!  And this has been such a grueling and rewarding experience for us, that will only keep getting better, that I want to share it with you!
So here we go!  Tonight I am thankful for the chance to spread some wonderful, life changing information to you!  I'll check time stamps on the messages so that I am sure to get the first 5 when I wake up :)  Merry Christmas!

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