Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Things

Happy New Year's Eve!  I hope everyone spends some time tonight recalling the good things of the past year.  We all know there have been bad things as well.  But life is simply better when we are grateful for the good things!
I am thankful for hitting my goal of running one mile by my birthday this year!  My knee is still healing slowly, but it has come a long way!
I am thankful for my family hitting it's financial goal of completing Step #2 with Dave Ramsey's plan for Financial Peace!  2017 will be exciting to see what we can do!  I can't wait for the day when all chains of debt are gone and we are free!!
I am thankful for a year of growth and health!  There have been some rough moments; but these children keep growing and thriving!  I am thankful for the opportunity in life to be mother to pretty some amazing children :)
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful time ringing in the New Year!  And I pray for a blessed 2017 for all!
Tonight I am thankful for a year of good things!  I am thankful for a year of wonderful readers of this blog!  And I am thankful for the chance tomorrow to start a new year of being thankful for the simple and good things in life.

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