Saturday, December 17, 2016

I Suck

I knew I overdid it yesterday.  I knew when I woke up that I was way to tired.  But I already had the day planned.  A pneumonia diagnosis on Tuesday did not automatically clear my calendar.  My job does not have sick days.  I have no back up.  And my clients can offer sympathies but no real extensions of the days needed for rest.  Thursday was really packed, which made no time for rest.  This made waking up Friday a slow under taking.
Alright, but no time for a pity party, so I was off.  I had to get my morning appointments done in time to be at the school for the kids' Christmas stuff.  I was getting very sleepy driving around.  But a crank of the radio and a large coke from a drive thru and I hung in there.  The kids' school Christmas celebrations were fun!  I love the all school sing along :)  I think that is my favorite :)  Back home I had more reports to finish, so I just kept plugging along.  Finally I was falling asleep at my desk, so I went to bed.
I actually slept good last night.  Most of this week I've not been sleeping good.  I was relieved to have slept in until 8.  I was not so relieved that I woke up because a child came in and said "Time to wake up!".  Grrrr.  Anyway, I was only up for about 2 hours and had to go back to bed.  I slept about 3 or 4 more hours.  Then was up for another hour.  Then back to bed.  And there was my day, Up, Bed, Up, Bed, Up, Bed, Up, Bed.  I am trying really hard not to be cranky.  I have so much to do.  Christmas is in one week.  I feel behind on work from being so tired.
I suck at resting.  I simply do.
Of course I know pneumonia is a serious thing.  But I guess I didn't realize that over-doing it one day would completely wipe out the next day.  Grumble, grumble, grumble.  Lesson learned.
I'm hoping for a much better tomorrow.  I should definitely be well rested.  I did some research today on some natural things that help with pneumonia too.  So I've taken some garlic, vitamin C, cayenne pepper, and turmeric.  There were some other things suggested that I don't have here.
Tonight I am thankful for a day with nothing actually written on the calendar.  I still have a lot on my to-do list, but there was no where that I had to be today, except my bed.  And with that, I'm off to sleep some more.  I think this is the most I have slept in a 24 hour period in at least 5 years, maybe even 10.

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