Monday, December 12, 2016


Last week our 70% off Financial Peace Junior came in the mail.  Last night we all sat down together and went over everything.  I'm excited!
We've been trying to change things for the kids for the past couple years, to get them to learn the value of work, earn their own money, and be responsible.  We have had some good ideas and some flops.  And now we have more resources at our disposal!
The kids liked the things we went over.  And the kids' weekly commission logs are now redesigned.  I like the new design better!  They write down weekly what their savings goal is and where there give money is going to go.  Of course the spending is easy, they don't need to write that down.
Tonight I am thankful for Financial Peace Junior.  They have a handful of lessons in the activity book.  And they have some story books to reinforce lessons.  We are going to do one lesson per week.  I think that'll be a great way to go!

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