Monday, December 5, 2016


There are a handful of things in life that I have once said that I would "never" do.  Here's a lesson that life has taught me . . don't say never.
My latest "never" is considering laser eye surgery.  My eyes have been revolting lately and not liking my contacts.  And I am just not a good glasses person.  I've been wearing them a lot more, but I haven't been liking it.
So tomorrow I am going for a consultation to find out about lasik.  I do know several people who have had it done and love it.  And it certainly wouldn't hurt to find out the particulars.
At this point in our budgeting and debt-free-goal of a lifestyle, the cost is obviously going to be a big factor.  The cost ranges from $250 - $2500 per eye.  So I'll find out a more specific price after they look my eyes over.  I am, of course, hoping that I will be told that my eyes will be easy, peasy and that they'll do them both at a huge discount!  That would be wonderful!!
Tonight I am thankful for a free consultation tomorrow.  This might not be something that I will do.  But it doesn't hurt to find out the particulars.  If this goes well and I do this, I will be able to wake up in the morning, open my eyes and see everything clearly.  That hasn't happened in 26 years!  That thought it pretty exciting!

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