Saturday, December 10, 2016

Plan C or D . . Maybe E

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that seemed to take a lot of tries to get it right?
Well, that's where I'm at.
Last night I talked a little about a quilt I wanted to make for my Grandma.  This whole thing started shortly after her birthday.  It was so far away from Christmas at that point, that I was just going to make her a quilt with everyone's picture on it and give it to her.  Now we are close to Christmas and it still isn't done.
I had talked to the quilt shop two different times.  I had made two different trips for fabric - the first trip had such a rude store employee that I just left the store.  I spent lots of time sorting thru pictures.  I put the pictures on the fabric.  Today I drove to the quilt shop, to be told that they couldn't help me.  Apparently I didn't have all the details on what they would need to put the quilt together.  And today was their last day to turn in materials to have a quilt by Christmas.
I was obviously unhappy.  So, I thought, I'll just make the quilt myself!  So what if I've never made a quilt before.  I could surely do it.  Oh yeah, except my sewing machine is broke.  I've had it at my mom's house to see if she could fix it and she hasn't found the problem yet.
Ok, maybe I could check with some quilters I know to see if they could help.  Except, come on, it is two weeks before Christmas.  I just don't see that happening.
So then I scratched the idea of a quilt.  A blanket, I'll just make a regular blanket for her.  No, I'll sew the fabric pictures on to a blanket!
So back out to Meijer's I went.  I'd already spent over an hour there earlier today getting groceries.  But, back I went.  I found the perfect comforter in a tan color.  I measured out the area that will actually show on top of her bed.  I don't want to put pictures so people will be hanging off the side of the bed.  Grandma is 90 years old, the blanket should be easy to see everyone.
Alright, I've got a good plan now!  I bought some different colored ribbon to "frame" the pictures on the blanket.  It'll look good.  I pinned all the pictures on the blanket and put the thing away for the night!!  Sheesh!  It was time to rest!
Tonight I am thankful for a plan that will work for Grandma's picture blanket!  Two weeks until Christmas is still plenty of time to sew 30 pictures on to a comforter and frame them in ribbon!  I can do that!  It helps knowing that she is going to absolutely love this gift!  And she will fall asleep every night wrapped in her loving family :)

<In Process Pictures Only>

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