Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Yesterday my temperature was 102.7.  I cancelled my appointments and worked at my desk.  I drank plenty of fluids and truly expected to feel better this morning.  This same thing happened 3 or 4 weeks ago; I had gotten a fever for no apparent reason.  I rested a bit, and the next day it was gone.
Yesterday I promised the hubster that if I had a fever over 100, that I would go see a doctor today.  This morning was 101 something.  I was on the road for 7 1/2 hours today.  I felt completely wiped out when I got home.  I checked my temperature and it was 99.7.  About a half hour later, it was back up over 100.  So I went in.
I felt a little silly.  They asked what was wrong and I said I have a fever.  That's it.  There aren't any other huge symptoms.  I've been pretty tired for weeks, but surely that was just my schedule.
Honestly, I've been pretty proud of myself, I've been sleeping 7/8 hours a night for the past 3 or 4 weeks.  I set out to do it.  One week I was going back to my 4/6 hours and my body did NOT like that at all.  So I figured after all the years of too little sleep, my body had just had enough and I should listen.  And I've done well!  Which made me even more confused that I've been sleeping more and still being so darn tired all the time.
Well, here I am, pneumonia.  I came home and researched it.  I wanted to know how I got this!  Sorry to be "like that", but I didn't think healthy people in their mid 30s got pneumonia.  Well, they can.  A person can be any age and be perfectly healthy and still get it.  This made me feel much better, that there is a possibility that I didn't do this to myself.  I'll never know.  But there's a chance, so I'm leaning that way!
Tonight I am thankful for promising the hubster that I would go in to the doctor today.  I could have just rested a bit more and carried this around for who knows how long!  Now I have my antibiotics, and my instructions to rest a bit more.  Yay for me!  Ok, not really, I'm not good at resting.  But I will.  And I will get better.

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