Friday, December 16, 2016

Shining Defining Moments

Every now and then on this parenting road, there are defining moments that shine thru letting a person know that these children are growing in to good people.  This week, I was blessed with these moments.
My son came up to me after watching Willy Wonka for the billionth time (ok, maybe not really that many times, but it is a favorite in my living room).  He said, "that movie makes me realize how much we have".  I asked, "What do you mean?"  He told me that for their birthdays they get a cake and presents and a fun day for them.  On the movie, Charlie got a scarf that his mom made him and one candy bar from all four grandparents.  I told my son today now, days later, that I am really proud of him for noticing that.  And that I wanted him to notice that Charlie's scarf and candy bar meant a lot to him, because that was all they could afford to give him.  Charlie was happy because he knew his gifts came from their heart; just like the celebrations in this house - and we are blessed to be able to have birthdays like we do.
Another child of mine has spent weeks thinking of heartfelt gifts for her friends.  And she has spent countless hours on these gifts.  As she told me her ideas, I thought they were good.  But watching her put in the time for the gifts was beyond heartwarming.  She wanted to brighten everyone's day.  And she poured her heart in to that task!
Have you ever seen that saying about treating a janitor the same as you treat a CEO?  I've seen that saying a few different ways.  I don't think I've ever made a point to the children of titles; but we've definitely discussed treating everyone the same.  As the kids made goodie bags to take to the adults at school, my daughter showed me the one that she was going to give to the janitor; and all I could think about was that saying of treating everyone with the same respect.  I am beyond honored that my children see people for people and not for titles.
I have one child in particular that I've been working on with not thinking of himself first in all his thoughts.  As rest has been hard to come by in my rambunctious house, I had a talk with the kids today about letting me rest.  Yesterday my temperature had gone down, today it was going back up.  I explained what would happen if I did not rest.  Now, I know that I am Mom, so I am already in the kids' hearts.  But when hearing more about this pneumonia stuff and how people go to the hospital that don't take care of this, my boy cried.  I assured him that I had no intention of going to the hospital, and that is why it was important that I rested.  But his heart was crushed seeing where his lack of conscious consideration could lead.  He apologized and he tried a bit harder tonight.
Tonight I am thankful for my children.  They are growing, and will continue to grow, in to good people.  I am proud to be their mother for so many reasons.  This week and always, their wonderful hearts are at the top of that list.

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