Sunday, December 11, 2016


I like snow for Christmas!  I love the beauty of the big, fluff flakes!
And before I hear, "Well you don't have to shovel it".  Actually, yes, I was outside shoveling for quite a bit today.
I have felt very blessed with the warmer weather in November.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I was definitely getting a little concerned with the thought of too much warmth for Christmas though.  I love a white Christmas!  Or at least a white Christmas time!
My first year of college I was in Oklahoma and I'll just never forget the feeling of Christmas shopping in 70 degree weather.  It all seemed very odd to me and I couldn't wait to get home to the snow!  Mind you mid-January, I've usually had my fill.  I've done sledding, snowmen, and all the fun snow stuff by mid-January.  I'm always hoping the groundhog will predict an early spring come February.  But I do love white, fluffy snowflakes in December!
Tonight I am thankful for a beautiful snowfall today!  Everyone drive safe out there!  And a big thank you to those out clearing the roads so that people can get out and about!  Oh yes, and the kids are thankful for no school tomorrow . . . well my band girl is a bit bummed.  She was getting excited about her Christmas band concert.  I was getting excited too.  Hopefully they can reschedule?  Or maybe I'll have her pretend she has a complete percussion set in our living room and make believe she is playing!

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