Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The New Place

Last week my littlest had a cavity filled at their new dentist.  The kids' new dentist is my dentist.  And I have to say, they did such a good job that I was wishing I had moved the kids there awhile ago!  Even the kids have mentioned how much they like the new dentist better and the actual tooth care is gentler.
Today was the last test from this dentist move.  Today was two more kids getting fillings.  One of the kids today has only had one filling before.  And it did not go so well at the old place.  So I was pretty nervous for today.
I am happy to report that it went well today!  Hooray!!  Now all the kids have had cleanings and three kids have had fillings at their new dentist.  And all four kids state that they would gladly return to this dentist office in the future!
Tonight I am thankful that even the less desirable fillings have gone over well at the new dentist office!  Dentists can be scary and shots can be nerve wrecking.  But now the kids know that they are safe and cared for at the new office!

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