Friday, December 2, 2016


We've been a little slacking on the designated one on one time with each parent and each child in this house.  That thought has been in my mind over the past many weeks.  I guess the kids have noticed too.  It was pretty obvious when my youngest wrote "Mom and Cody time -at least a half hour" on the family calendar that hangs in the kitchen!  He wrote this about two weeks ago.
So this evening he came with me to Meijer's to get some groceries.  First of all, they are having an awesome sale!  My kids like grocery shopping.  I've heard of some kids that don't like it.  But my kids do.  They've had to come with me since they were babies.  It's only been more recently, with them being older, that I don't take all four of them with me to get food.  They know about the sales, coupons, mperks, and all that good stuff.  They help look for good clearance items.  And they know they have a better chance of getting that food they really want if they can find it on sale!
Tonight was a more of a stock-up kind of shopping.  I had my coupons.  I had my sale list.  I even had an extra special $50 coupon to use that I got from a recent purchase at Meijer during my last week shopping.
So my son and I chatted and browsed.  We talked about every day stuff.  We searched for our deals.  When we checked out, we were both very pleased!  We had to pay $82 and some change.  But we saved $125!  We were both pretty proud!  He was even bragging about our savings when we got home :)
Tonight I am thankful for our one on one time.  The calendar will be dedicated to one on one time with everyone soon.  Tonight was a wonderful start.  My boy enjoyed our time, as did I :)

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