Friday, December 9, 2016


Some nights it gets time to write my blog and it is hard to narrow down just one thing that I am thankful for!  Tonight is such a night! So:
I love the game Family Feud!  I can't wait until the kids are old enough for us to try and get on that game show.  That is really the only game show that I would care to go on.  Even the Price is Right, would not be the show for me.  And I am pretty good at prices!  But no, Family Feud is the only one that I would care to participate in.  Guess how excited I was to find a home game of Family Feud for way cheap in one of the after Thanksgiving sales!?!  It came in the mail the other day and I've been waiting for the official "weekend" to play.  Tonight was the night!  I was the host tonight :)  Then they took turns asking just me the questions and I was rocking them!  I see many, many fun times in our future with that game!!
*No appropriate segway fits here*  I had a brilliant idea back in the summer to make a quilt for my grandma.  She is always cold.  And we have the equipment here to put pictures on fabric.  So, we could make a quilt for grandma with everyone in the family on the squares!  She will love it!  She will stay warm, wrapped up with all her loved ones!  (PS, don't tell grandma about this, she doesn't know!)  Well, I never got around to it in the summer.  So it seemed like it would be perfect to have done by Christmas!  There is a company the next town over that are professional quilters.  That is great, because I've never made a quilt and I don't think two weeks before Christmas is the time for me to start trying.  I called them today and the absolute last day to submit materials and have the quilt done by Christmas is tomorrow.  I've been working most of the night and I finally have all the pictures on the fabric and ready for quilting!  I'll hit the deadline!
Tonight I am thankful for a fun game tonight!  I am thankful that it will provide many more nights of fun in this house too!  And I am thankful for having all the pieces ready to go to the quilter tomorrow!  Whew!  That's a load off, right there!

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