Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I can report that after two weeks with my glasses and no contacts, an eye dilation isn't as horrible as it normally is.  It still is NOT fun for me though!
But, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!  So, with my inability to focus on things and see correctly, we took our annual family trip to Jackson tonight to see their drive-thru light display!
We are a Pizza Hut loving family for sure!  Sadly, all the Pizza Huts that were located close to us have closed.  So last year we incorporated Pizza Hut in to our light night!  We order when we leave home, the pizza is ready when we get to Jackson, and we munch while we admire the lights!  It is a very enjoyable time!  My kids even did their chores fairly well today to be able to leave as soon as the hubster got home!
Tonight I am thankful for a night of pretty Christmas lights!
P.S. If you have never been to the Jackson Fairgrounds for the drive thru light displays, I highly recommend it!  The program said it took 5 people a total of 12 weeks to set up all the lights!  For only $20/vehicle, it is also a family friendly cost!

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