Tuesday, January 24, 2017

12 Minutes

I've been looking for something for awhile.  Maybe I didn't realize I was looking for it.  I don't know.  I think I was hoping there could be something, but I wasn't sure.
And now I've found it.
I've seen these videos on facebook for awhile.  I think I had "liked" the page some time ago.  I'd watch this woman and was impressed.  She is so in shape.
Over the weekend I actually did some more clicking and found out more about the page.  They have hundreds of workout videos.  Here's the catch, most of them are only about 12 minutes long.  And the people in the video are way more in shape than me and are always working up a sweat!  I was interested!
I've been spending so much time trying to build up my knee lately, that I don't have a lot of time to work on the rest of me.  For those who haven't worked to build up a knee ligament, let me tell you that what I've learned is that this has to be continuous!  I had worked so hard last year.  I got up to where I ran that mile for my birthday - my big birthday goal!  I was limping quite a bit afterwards, but I had made it!  Then with the holidays and being sick, I did nothing for my knee for many weeks.  And it showed.  Note to self:  keep working on knee!!!  Always!!  I feel like I went back months and months from where I had gotten to.
So anyway, yes, after spending 20-40 minutes working on my knee, I really don't have lots of time to do much else.  Nor do I want to!  By that time, I'm sweating and sore and just want to take a shower.
Ok, so enter these videos.  They have a 30 day free trial thing.  Then it is 9.99/month after that.  Sounded pretty reasonable to me.  Because if they could work my whole body in 12 minutes a day, that is totally worth 9.99/month to me!  I can give up 12 minutes.  Hey, I think I lose that every day trying to remember what day it is ;)
Saturday I started with a beginner video, it was pretty easy.  Sunday I did a beginner video also, not bad.  Sunday night I was sent a link to join their two week challenge with a different set of videos.  So yesterday and today were more challenging.  Holy cow!  Let me tell you, if you don't think you can work your body well in 12 minutes, come to my living room tomorrow morning!
The hardest part was later today when I was at people's houses; I had to walk up and down stairs and pretend my thighs weren't screaming!
Tonight I am thankful for finding Bodyrocktv (the facebook page) and Sweatflix (the video collection/app).  I've only four days, but I am loving this so far.  I still don't know for sure that I'll continue after the free 30 days.  But as long as these videos keep going like they are, I'll be in for sure!

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