Monday, January 30, 2017


Do you ever see the same thing over and over in your facebook newsfeed?  Of course you do!
Ok, well I have seen these books over and over.  It took me probably a month before I even clicked to see what exactly these things were.
And it took me probably another two months to consider these books as something I might buy.  Then maybe another month after to buy them.  As you can see, I am sometimes slow with commitment!
Well they came in the mail today to my doorstep.  I gave the 100 Ways to Love Your Wife to the hubster.  And I have mine.  I flipped thru his book before I gave it to him, because I was curious what was in there!  And I've flipped thru mine too.  They look like pretty good books.
There probably isn't anything in here that we don't know.  But there are things in here that get lost.  Our lives are busy, too busy sometimes.  And things get lost in the business of life.
Tonight I am thankful for this set of books.  One for him and one for me.  And overall, 200 thoughts of love to keep us working on us.

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