Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Week Off

Do you want to know how to find motivation to exercise?  I'll tell ya . . . have someone tell you that you can't!  After the pneumonia and the bronchitis (which seems to want to hang around still), and a cold, I was back in my basement gym for a whopping two whole days.  Now on the list of what to do after Lasik is "no exercise for one week".  It's just one week.  I can relax for one week.
No I can't!  I think about how I've already lost 15 pounds from healthy choices and exercise.  I finally seemed to have rounded a corner with this thyroid crap!  I'm on the right track.  And no . . now I'm back on my butt.
Tonight I will celebrate small victories.  Yesterday I wore a size smaller jeans.  Today I drank a ton of water.  If I'm going to be resting and working, I can be hydrating!  And I will be thankful that one week will be by in no time.  Then I'll be back working up a sweat and seeing my body do what it is actually supposed to do when I exercise it and feed it healthy foods!  In the meantime, I'll relax.  I'll rest.  And I'll let my eyes heal . . they are worth it!

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