Monday, January 9, 2017

Creative (Desperate)

Sometimes as a parent, I make up silly rules just to make a point.  Today was one of those days.
I have a child who is at that age where somehow the brain clicks off a filter and I get a comment for everything.  Not just me, the entire house.
If a sibling states that they are hunger, there's a comment.  If the daddy of the house says to come sit down for dinner, there's a comment.  If I say to be quiet, there's still a comment.  And most aggravatingly of all; if someone else is in trouble, there's a comment.
After several warnings and a few non-effective punishments, today was just the last straw for me.  So I decreed, that the loose-lipped child would now get to partake in everything that there was a comment added to.  This was close to 5pm.
There was a good run of comment-less behavior.  Well . . . I was in my office for awhile.  So at least I hadn't heard any comments.  But then, before bedtime . . . the peaceful streak ended.
A little boy was having difficulties locating his socks to lay out for getting dressed tomorrow.  He was getting frustrated.  And when he was told a.g.a.i.n. to go find his socks, I heard another voice "Yeah, go find your socks!".  That was it.
The comment adding child already had clothes laid out for tomorrow.  But, a rule is a rule.  So the offending child had to go find another pair of socks in addition to the ones that were already out.  Then I saw a moment of reflective thought cross thru young eyes.  And so it begins.  I have a feeling this new rule will work amazingly well.  Yes, I have very high hopes for this.
Tonight I am thankful for creative (a.k.a. desperate) parenting techniques that really won't be found in a book anywhere . . . but that work!

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