Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day After

Tis the day after surgery and I am weirded out!  My eyes are tired.  They want to rest.  Normally when they feel like this, I would take out my contacts and put my glasses on.  But now, there are no contacts!!
This is amazing :)  I am still floored that I can see like this with my own eyes :)  I am in some kind of transition phase I believe, where this just seems surreal.  My eyes have needed help for most of my life.
My day after surgery appointment went well :)  Everything looks good :)  And now I just play it cool for a bit and let my eyes keep on healing!  I'll be back next week to have my eyeballs checked again.  Maybe by then it will sink in that these are my eyes seeing all by themselves :)  It still doesn't seem real!  26 years fixed in one day . . . . crazy!!!
Tonight I am thankful for this amazing vision the day after surgery!  :) :)  I still can't quite believe it!!!
P.S. Does anyone want about four bottles of unopened saline solution?  I won't be needing those anymore!!

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