Tuesday, January 31, 2017


By now you must be thinking, why hasn't Jessie written about her Dave Ramsey journey?  Has she given up?
Oh no, no, no silly people!  We've still been plugging along slowly.  January did not see the 3-6 month emergency fund growing by leaps and bounds as I had hoped.
January for us, presented a secret kept by our renters.  Here's a tip for any renters out there, if there are problems with the house . . . tell your landlord!  I can say, we are very thankful that we have this emergency fund!  A few years ago, looking at fixing a bathroom that has been leaking for the past (at least) 4 years would have been funded by a credit card.  Now adays, we have an emergency fund for that.  It just would have been nice to have been notified before the floor joists rotted thru!
But, no use staying mad about it. It is getting fixed this week.  And we are are moving on and changing a few things in that area of life.
So although not much changed along our debt free journey this month, we didn't go in to debt to fix a costly problem!
Tonight I am thankful for having this emergency fund in place.  We have a long way to go to get the fund where I want it to be.  But for now, it has already been serving it's purpose!

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