Thursday, January 19, 2017


Tomorrow is Consumer's Day for the third grade!  It is very exciting!
My little entrepreneur decided to sell multiplication cards.  He loves math :)
His vaguely-more-aware-of-marketing mother suggested that he give away a free bag of popcorn with each set of multiplication cards sold.  Fortunately he was on board with the idea!  See, I love that he loves math!  And I don't want to diminish that at all!  But I also don't want him to be disappointed if the other kids don't want to buy his multiplication cards.  So, there, we slid in a tasty incentive for the would-be-buyers!
All the kids were pretty excited because I haven't made lots and lots of popcorn in awhile.  I dusted off (well, actually washed the dust off) the whirly-pop and got to popping!  My boy is pretty excited for tomorrow!
Tonight I am thankful for my whirly-pop, which makes lots of popcorn fairly easily and quickly!  I am thankful for my boy being on board with the popcorn idea!  And I'm thankful that tomorrow will be a great day for him!!

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