Tuesday, January 10, 2017


When I graduated college, my mom gave me a little plaque that says something like "Success is made of several small victories, most of which no one knows anything about".  I seriously just had the thing sitting at my desk a few days ago.  And now that I want to quote it for my blog, I can't find it . . .
Anyway, no matter the wording, the point is still the same.
It's good to keep your goals in front of you, to know where you are going.  It's good to also allow yourself a little lee-way, because life happens.
As I was driving in the slushy snow today I was reflecting on quite a few little things in life lately.  I dream big.  And that makes it easy to get overwhelmed sometimes.  That is when the small victories really count.  I've never climbed a mountain.  But I was guess that while climbing, you just keep looking at your next step.  The next footing, the next place for to secure yourself on your way to your goal.  Me, being me, would look up every once in awhile to see how far I have to go.  And me, being me, would look down to see how far I'd climbed.  But most of the looking would be right in front, and slightly ahead, where am I and where do I go next.
Tonight's blog may sound a little vague because there a few different little things that I've noted to myself today.  I could pick just one, but tonight I'm thankful for all the little victories.
Yes, tonight I'm thankful for all little victories.  They are all leading down a good path.  I hope you take time to note all of your small victories too.  They are the fuel that keeps you going strong!

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