Friday, January 20, 2017


Last night, I actually got a good night's sleep!!
I'm not a person who normally has sleeping problems.  I tend to keep myself so exhausted that I fall in to bed and start snoozing.
But this hacking, persistent cough has gotten worse every night when I lay down to sleep . . for weeks, like over a month now.  Most nights I get back up and do more work until I start falling asleep at my desk.  I was honestly afraid they would postpone my eye surgery over this even (which they didn't of course).
I've tried several different things.  Finally this week I went back to the doctor's office, again.  More rounds of tests for me.  And two different medicines for me, this time much stronger.  And finally . . . finally last night I slept well :)  The cough is still here, but it is fading.  Hooray!
I can't help but think that if I could rest better, this wouldn't have grown in to such a thing.  But, I tried.  I really did.
Tonight I am thankful for finally seeing some improvement in this cough!  I can't wait to sleep tonight and see how it goes!  This is a total 180 because in past weeks, I've been hating bedtime.  Like dreading it because I knew as soon as I laid down, I'd start coughing worse and worse.  Now, that is not the case!  Hooray!

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